An Italian Holiday: Rome, Day 2

Vatican City

Day 2 in Rome was packed!  I had an early group tour of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica. I am so glad I bought a tour because I wouldn’t have known what was important to see! Our tour guide was great, I booked her through Viator, and I would recommend using them for any tours that they offer. They are a consolidator, and the Vatican tour was actually through a group called Enjoy Rome. I didn’t want to spend much money, but I think for the Vatican, it was money well spent. I did not do the dome climb or take the elevator to the base of the dome, which looking back at some of the pictures, I wish I had. Next visit!

You should be warned, I took a TON of pictures at the Vatican and had a really hard time choosing the best. While not all of them are here, you get the idea that this place is just amazing and stunning. No pictures are allowed to be taken inside the Sistine Chapel, so you’ll just have to see them here or here.

The Vatican Museums

Outside the Vatican Museums
Awesome Tour Guide
Ceiling artwork
Apollo Belvedere - Vatican Museum
Apollo Belvedere
Belvedere Torso
The Round Room Dome
Hercules in the Round Room - Vatican Museum
Hercules in the Round Room
Tapestries and sculpted reliefs on the ceiling
View of St. Peter’s Basilica
Brightest spot in the Vatican Museums
Brightest spot in the Vatican Museums


Map of Italy Tapestry

Another view of the ceiling on the way to the Sistine Chapel

St. Peter’s Basilica

The Holy Door – recently opened to kick off the Jubilee of Mercy
Jubilee of Mercy kicked off Dec. 8, 2015
Looking towards the Main Alter
Interior of St. Peter’s Dome


The Main Alter & Bernini’s Canopy

Top of Bernini’s Canopy over the Main Alter
The Apse
Michaelangelo’s Pieta
Tomb of Pope John Paul II
Tomb of Pope John Paul II
Statue of Peter
Mercenary guards from Switzerland guarding the border
Chairs set up and ready for the papal audience

(I’m not very good with the selfie and scenery, lol!)

Mail your postcards here for the Vatican stamp
Exterior of St. Peter’s

St. Peter’s Square

The obelisk in middle of St. Peter’s Square
Fountain in front of Bernini’s Colonnade
Obelisk with view of St. Peter’s

And that’s it for the Vatican. The Sistine Chapel is breathtaking and St. Peter’s Basilica is just, beyond grand. All of it was amazing. It was by far the busiest spot of my trip, but well worth the lines to see it all.

After the Vatican I headed for lunch back near my hotel at a place an Italian co-worker of mine recommended, Pizzeria San Marco. Definitely a good spot, and off the path of tourists. Pizza and wine was great!

I’ll save Day 2’s afternoon and evening for another post. I think this is enough pictures for now!



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